Highlights From My Day at the LA Festival of Books

If you love books of any kind, you would’ve loved this Book Fest!  Held on the beautiful campus of USC, the threat of rain didn’t scare off the die hard book fans. They came out in droves to listen to speaker panels, browse the hundreds of booths, treat themselves to a delicious food truck meal, listen to live music, watch interviews of their favorite authors and simply take in everything that is books!   I was lucky enough to be asked to sign my latest Harlequin Desire, One Secret Night, One Secret Baby at The Southern California Chapters of Romance Writers of America booth.  Here’s a few pictures I’d love to share with you.



Harlequin was very generous in sending this stack of books for me to sign and give away.   I  also gave away book cover magnets and pens to my readers and friends!

USC FOB Fabio and me

Fabio even made an appearance!!USC FOB Brenda Novak and me


Part of the time I sat next to the fabulous and talented Brenda Novak!

USC FOB Lynne Marshall and me


My good friend, talented writer and plot buddy, Lynne Marshall stopped by to say hello and lend support!


Here are some of the talented authors I signed with today.  From Left to Right, Sylvie Fox, Linda Rice, Yours Truly and Mia Hopkins. And Fabio made another appearance too!   One thing can be said, writers are a rare breed that share the same obsession, passion, chaos and extreme hard work of putting our hearts out there, words on the page and praying to the book gods that readers will love our work!

Maine Lobster

Afterward, my wonderful hubby playing the role of my assistant today, brought me a wonderful Lobster Roll sandwich from Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck. (I had to support them, they were on Shark Tank, one of my favorite shows!) It was a wonderful way to end the day and the sandwich was delish!

Lobster Roll



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