Hybrid Authors Have Choices!

The Hybrid author- a professional who writes for big publishing houses or small presses and self-publishes their own work.

There are so many nice things about being traditionally published with a major New York Publishing House. For one, you get a chance to work with some amazing editors.  The work ethic and attention to detail is amazing and with me, I have total trust that my editor will make my stories the best that they can be.  There’s  a sense of community and a readership that comes with being traditionally published.

But there are limitations, and for some, those limitations are welcomed.   Such as, we don’t have to worry about writing enticing blurb, or formatting the book. That’s all done for you.  But along those same lines, we also have little to no say outside the boundries of our contracts, about pricing and/or marketing the books. We cannot make changes, add or subtract. We are at the mercy of TPTB to give our books the push they need for discovery.

Hybird authors take all the risk.  They must secure expert editors, attain good formatting across all platforms and have a vision for the cover of the books.  They also research proper pricing and marketing of their books.   While, that’s daunting, it’s also liberating, because we can make any changes we want.  And so recently and thanks to the help of Christine Collier, cover designer, I have a brand spanking new cover to The Cowboy Contract, a book that is near and dear to my heart as my daughter and her friend, Tony, posed for the cover and the photography was shot by my son-in-law!

So here is the new updated cover!   I hope you like it!

The Cowboy Contract Cover -LARGE


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