Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Drawing!!

One Secret Night, One Secret Baby


An unforgettable baby dilemma. Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Charlene Sands. 

During a city-wide power outage, Emma Bloom turns to her old friend Dylan McKay for help. The Hollywood heartthrob comes to her rescue, action-hero style, and sees her safely home. But what happened next? The details are blurry—because Emma was tipsy, and an on-set accident leaves Dylan’s memory of that night in tatters. 

But soon irrefutable evidence surfaces: Emma is pregnant. It’s hard enough sharing her secret with a man used to fending off scheming women. But Dylan does the right thing and proposes. And then, one day, his memory returns…


I’m celebrating the release of One Secret Night, One Secret Baby with this Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!  Simply post a comment here to answer this one question.  Have you ever been involved in a black-out, aka a power outage? Yes or no?  How do you suppose you would react if you were ever in one? Drawing held on Sunday, February 14th.  Come back to see if you’re the winner!

You could win this fabulous prize (Winner will be drawn on Sunday) of my Napa Valley Vows 3 in 1 book, a DVD, Love and Sunshine lotion and Hershey’s Sweet Messages chocolates!  Pretty cool prize right?  Talk to me…

Valentine's Day


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  1. denise

    back in the 70s, when I was a very young girl, there was a blackout in the Northeast. I know there was another major one in the early 2000s, but fortunately it missed us–but not by much.

    Mostly, we’ve had power outages during extreme weather–blizzard, hurricane, frozen power lines, etc…

  2. Heather Johnson

    I have been in a power outage several times but the one that sticks out in my mind is the Ice Storm of 2009 that hit here in Kentucky. No power for 7 days and I slept in the living room with my parents we each took a chair and heated the room with a kerosene heater. I read several books using a flashlight and we went into town to take showers at my sister and brother in law’s hotel room and ate out quite a bit. It wasn’t fun and I don’t care to repeat it again

  3. Michele

    Yes if you count the occasionally Power outage do to weather or storms. If it’s during the day I read a book if at night I just go to bed.

  4. Dawn A

    As a kid, we were in a 29-hour blackout. I simply remember eating all of the food out of the freezer and fridge, that we could, and praying the rosary several times.
    As an adult, I’ve been in several outages, especially in the spring. Those usually don’t last longer than a few hours or overnight.

  5. Carrie

    As a child living in a small town, our power went out every time there was a wind or ice storm. Working with babies, we find that any time it’s really hot, really cold, or a storm there’s a baby boom.

  6. Kat

    Yes several times. I have lived in areas that are rural most of my life so they were not uncommon growing up. Usually only for a few days so not too bad. My mom would put all of us in the den and we would have fun slumber party type nights.

  7. Jennifer bernard

    I also have been in several, no two are alike. We loved when we would get a blizzard and we could sit by the fireplace and make all sorts of goodies, having fun just being crazy and simply enjoying time with family.

  8. Diana Tidlund

    I live in New England…. we get them all the time in bad weather… worst was a week long…..before I moved from my parents…. now we get them for a day at a time when we get them…. but usually 8 hours is the most cause we are across the st from the jail so they try to get power on immediately because of that…

  9. Tricha

    Yes about 7 years ago there was a bad snowstorm and we were without power for 6 days We kept warm with blankets and cooked on the grill played games

  10. Cathy Truman

    Yes from winter storms we get tons of blankets and warms socks and sit in front of the
    fireplace and just enjoy talking and telling stories

  11. Dawn Schlauderaff

    Was in blackout with my kids who were 6 and 8. The hardest part was being the adult and not being scared!!

  12. Pam Lowery

    Never in a blackout where I was in an office building or somewhere other than home. But I live in Alabama, and we have power outages all the time in stormy weather. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but a couple of times during a hurricane when it’s out for several days, then I’m not real happy. The strangest thing that had happened, is when a tornado hit the side of our house, only my youngest sister and I were home, she saw the tornado coming, and of course, the power was already out, and we ran to get in the hallway, and in the living room, I stepped on so glass, from a cracked picture frame that was in the hallway! It had flown into the living room, but the picture was still on the wall, so strange, and we were ok too, only damaged the side of the house, but power was off for days.

  13. Gigi Hicks

    I have been in 3 long power outages that I can remember. Hurricane Kate in 1985 left the area I live in without power for a week and a half. Another was around 1992 or 1993 some sort of blizzard can through in March. I live in the deep south and the cold made the power lines not work for days. The third power outage was one summer a few years later something blew at a power relay station in my area. The electric co-op had no back up to repair it. It took a week just to get a loaner from another state. That was a hot week in summer. A few weeks ago the power went out for about 4 hours on a cold night. I blame everyone had the heaters going because it was a cold night.

  14. Sue Brandes

    We had a power outage for two days after a tornado. It was very quiet. We just did the best we could.

  15. Kathy Richardson

    My exhusband and I lived in Texas…tornado warnings came over the radio and tv..we ran around our tiny apt..grabbed our black cat we hoped was lucky..yanked the cushions off the couch and jumped in the dry tub..cushions over us and went the power..the fridge stopped humming..the sounds of heavy hail and tornado alarm..the radio announcer said it was less than five Miles away..the cat scratched to get ex wanted to look outside…and I sat shaking and crying..noones moving

  16. vickie Couturier

    yes i have,,when living up in VT,,where its very cold when this happens,,we have a fireplace that we can use and keep candles and flashlights handy too,,we just stay in the room that has the fireplace and close all the other doors so the heat doesnt go out of that room,,and yes it is nice and cosy

  17. Tanja Dancy

    Yes, we have blackouts frequently in the summer. I call Pepco, light some candles, and listen to music on my battery – powered radio (with my headphones on) until the lights come back on.

  18. Laurie Gommermann

    I have been in a couple of longer term outages. The first was after a tornado came within a 1/2 mile of our home. It was on the ground for 21 miles and killed 2 people in our city. This happened in 1992 on August 29th. It didn’t receive a lot of publicity because it happened the same day as Hurricane Andrew devastated Homestead, FL. Luckily, it happened in the summer in Wisconsin so the weather wasn’t cold. We have a fireplace too. We cooked on our Coleman camp stove. We used bottled water. We went to bed early. Luckily it was during daylight savings time. We live on a small lake so we used lake water to flush our toilets. We were without power for 3 days.

    The second time was after Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in September 2004. The eye of the hurricanes passed directly south of our condo and the second one just north of our building. The roof came off the back half of our building. We had to move to my mom’s condo after the first hurricane. The second one we were without power for over 24 hours. Luckily we had supplies to eat and water from the pool to flush our toilets.

    Scary times.

    I couldn’t imagine being trapped in a subway or in an elevator. It would be dark and hot. Since I’m claustrophobic it would my worst nightmare. I don’t go into elevators if I can help it.

    Thanks for your giveaway. I’d like to read Emma and Dylan’s blackout story and the rest of the NAPA VALLEY- WINES series. I love chocolate and I haven’t watched SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK yet.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. catslady

    I’ve been in a couple but you do what you got to do lol. Other than it being cold in the winter and worrying about food in the summer, I managed.

  20. Colleen C.

    I have been in a blackout before… have plenty of supplies to be fine… Congrats on your latest release!

  21. Darlene

    I have been in a few of them over the years. We try to make the best of it. We do have a wood stove in the house and lots of candles, flashlights and we pull out the camp stove and lantern. No tv or internet so we have to find fun things to do.

  22. Robyn L

    I have been in a power outage a number of times. In winter it’s best to stay in bed under the covers.
    My bff and I were stuck in an elevator in Vegas many years back and it seemed like an eternity until the elevator started working again. We were a bit concerned to say the least.

  23. Laney4

    Several. Not a problem. Lots of canned food, propane for the BBQ, batteries for flashlights, and candles in stock.
    Much better if it’s in the wintertime so the deepfreeze’s contents aren’t spoiled, though.
    I miss my computer the most during those times but, like others, I get a ton of books read!

  24. Pam paterakis

    Our town had total blackout for 9 hours due to huge snake commiting suicide in one of the major breakers.

  25. Leni

    I have been in quite a few power outage situations. After the surprise and shock wear off I adapt and carry on as best I can.

  26. Margaret Herman

    I was involved in the major black out in 2003. I was living in an apartment by myself and good thing I love candles and that is the light I used to see to read my books after sitting outside to use sunlight to read. I had a panic attack as I am a diabetic and have to keep my insulin in the refrigerator. i was so happy when the power came back on.

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